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This site was founded with the belief that there is life after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. No one asks to be diagnosed with a life-threatening, life changing disease. In the 21st century, a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis is no longer a precursor to blindness, amputation and all the other horrors you might think. You can enjoy living with diabetes!

I was diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic in January of 2007. A silent disease, I was unaware that my blood glucose level was rising to toxic levels.  At the time of my diagnosis, my A1C (an indicator of long term blood glucose levels) was off the charts at 11.5. I had all of the classic symptoms of untreated diabetes-- excessive thirst, unexplained weight loss, failing vision, yet I was unaware of my downward spiral. 

New Years Day found me Googling my symptoms as I had the impending feeling that there may be something seriously wrong. When my searches all pointed to diabetes, I called my doctor. A test in the office the next day confirmed my diagnosis. My first reaction was one of horror.  I was extremely ill and seemingly the last one to know about it. 

For years, diabetes was a word I had heard on the news, mentioned in the press, but never paid any attention to.  All that changed in two ticks of a clock. The first few weeks after my diagnosis were tough. Though I was directed to a nutritionist and certified diabetes educator, my first appointment was a couple of weeks after my diagnosis. I was terrified to eat the wrong food, missing my pre-diagnosis life, and facing what I perceived to be a future of uncertainty and medical complications.

Time has now proven that most of my early fears were groundless. I am indeed living with diabetes. Knowledge is indeed power, but "faith without works is dead ." The first few weeks found me on an information quest. Two statistics came to light very early on. According to the American Diabetes Association, an estimated 58% of individuals diagnosed with T2D can bring the disease into remission with diet and exercise alone. The ADA site also posted this interesting fact: over 80% of diagnosed T2D diabetics remain overweight. Amazingly, most diabetics, when presented with a solution, choose to retain their old lifestyle. 

I made the decision to live in the solution. In the weeks following my diagnosis, I was presented with a diet plan by my nutritionist and an exercise plan by my primary care physician. In the months that followed my diagnosis, I dropped close to 90 pounds and now bike 15-30 miles daily. My most recent medical check showed my diabetes is now under control. Yes, I am a "58 percenter." Diet and exercise have effectively controlled my diabetes. 

In November 2009, national publication Spry Living Magazine published my tale of victory over types 2 diabetes. With a reach of close to 10 million in circulation, my hope is that others will see that there is hope! Read the Spry Living Article here>>>

My goal is to now show others what I have done and share skills I am learning that have helped control my diabetes.

A Note of Thanks to My Diabetes

There is an age-old saying that states, "occasionally good news comes under the guise of bad news." Such is the case in my life. Since my T2D diagnosis, everything has changed in my life. Life has taken on new meaning. I have a deep and genuine appreciation for life. Time spent with those I love is more precious than ever. Watching my children smile, talking time to gaze at a sunrise, or just looking at the stars in a clear evening sky as I take my nightly walk are all gifts that my diabetes has presented to me. Gone are the days of excess that helped contribute to my illness. A new lease on life presented itself when I started living in the solution.

If you have been recently diagnosed, or know of a friend or loved one with diabetes, my hope, my aspiration is that the information presented here will offer you hope, help and comfort. I have discovered that there is such a thing as Living With Diabetes!


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